Here are 3 key Reasons Why Hybrid Fund is a Good Choice of Investment

Investments vary in size, quantity, and as per necessity. With a similar inclination, the method of investing in funds streamlined with the investors will help to incur conjoint benefits of functioning as a part of the group. A predefined investment fund brings on a supply of money/ capital to designated investors which in turn can be used to buy securities altogether.

A hybrid fund is a classic form of investment fund which is segregated after the variation between two or more than two sections of assets. Precisely, funds of such nature involve a blend of stocks and bonds, which denote their identification as the “asset allocation funds”. With the help of these funds, as an investor, you can procure multiple asset sections/ classes through one fund as the base.

This article discusses some highlighting pointers suggesting the reasons why hybrid funds are a good choice of investment. Before gliding on to the merits, read on to discover more about this investment type.

Defining Hybrid Funds

Hybrid funds evolve in a 360-degree manner, wherein it initially started off by executing an updated portfolio for the management of funds. While on the other hand, it also carries a greater risk tolerance capacity suiting all parameters of conservative, moderate, and high (aggressive) risks.

The term ‘hybrid’ implies that the strategy/ roadmap used to gain capital includes an investment in multiple asset sectors/ classes. To put it simply, asset allocation funds (also known as hybrid funds) are applied as an alternative approach to managing multiple asset classes.

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Types of Hybrid Funds

1.     Balanced funds

These funds are classified under hybrid funds which radiate a predefined proportion of 60/40 for allocation of assets.

2.     Target date funds/ lifecycle funds

The sole purpose is to diversify the portfolio to clinch multiple asset classes. Such types of funds effortlessly juggle hybrid funds through both aggressive and conservative allocation in order to place the portfolio and attain a specific utilisation date for the funds.

3.     Blend fund/ blended fund

It is a classification of an equity mutual fund that incorporates both the essentials of value stocks and growth stocks. Within a single portfolio, you can seek diversification amongst the famous investment patterns.

Benefits of Initiating Hybrid Funds as an Investment

Choosing hybrid funds over other classifications is certainly a good choice, as it will help you gain an intensified approach as an investor. It will permit you to diversify your portfolio via., only one mutual fund.

It is recommended to prefer these funds when kickstarting as an investor to raise maximum returns. However, it can also be implemented as a prime holding of ETFs and mutual funds mentioned in a portfolio.

Mentioned below are some pointers elucidating the merits of choosing these funds as an investment.

1.    Diversification by using a single mutual fund

An investor is allowed to explore multiple asset classes using a single mutual fund. This in turn helps to branch out the portfolio across the asset classes including the sub-classes present within these sectors. During the allocation of equity, you can invest in small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap stocks or choose the growth stocks.

2.    Capable of managing intensified and unprecedented risks

By diversifying the portfolio and allocating resources, the risk tolerance of such funds is high and eternal.

3.    Spontaneous rebalancing of portfolio

The fund manager associated with the project responsibly rebalances the portfolio which notes the market updates and allocation of assets, in turn helping you to buy asset class when low in price and sell out the same when the price intensifies.


In a nutshell, hybrid funds include a composition of bonds, stock, and cash that will help you to diversify your portfolio through a single mutual fund or ETF investment. Pertaining to the asset allocation, the nature of these funds can alter.

The sole purpose is to delineate the fact that these funds are highly buoyant and bereft of risks. Thus it is a smart choice of investment pursuing better returns for you- the investor.

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