Ultimate Guide to Renew Your Activa’s Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

We all want our vehicles to always stay in the best shape. You never know what kind of issues you would face on the road. Hence, everybody wants their vehicle to hold up to any and all challenges that you might face. This is what bike insurance can help you with. There has been a rapid increase in the number of road accidents in recent years. Road conditions, traffic jams and other things make it difficult to drive on the road. Having two-wheeler insurance can help with the cost of bike repair and maintenance in the event of an accident.

If the expiry date for your bike insurance policy is close, you can contact your insurance provider and talk to them about renewing it. If you want to buy a new bike for yourself, you can choose a two-wheeler insurance policy to buy yourself. It is also necessary to have bike insurance as it is mandatory by law. If your bike insurance expires, it is imperative to renew it as soon as possible for your safety and to avoid legal trouble. To ensure that your bike insurance renewal is seamless, here is what you need to know:

Documents related to the renewal of two-wheeler insurance

When asked to submit documents for insurance renewal, you should follow the list of guidelines and documents. The list below is released by IRDAI and is followed by most private and public sector insurance companies. Personal information including date of birth, name, age, gender, etc.

  • Driving license
  • Registration certificate of the bike
  • Policy No.

This information can be found in your policy documents. If the customer wants to change their insurance provider after the current period expires, here are the additional documents they need to submit for two wheeler insurance renewal:

  • Proof of identity such as Aadhaar card or PAN card
  • Proof of address
  • Recent Passport Size Photo

You can visit the official website of IRDAI for further details.

How To Renew Bike Insurance Policy Online

Bike insurance renewal is an important factor in obtaining bike insurance, which should be considered at the time of purchasing the policy. Since the policy has a term of one year, it must be renewed each year to continue coverage. If you fail to do so, your coverage will be terminated, and you will have to face the hassle of buying a new policy again.

First, you need to log in to the insurance company’s website and fill out the insurance renewal form. The form requires the details of your vehicle along with information about your current coverage. After entering the correct details, you can submit the required documents and create bike insurance value through debit card, credit card, net banking etc. You will receive your policy via email. The process is complete. * Standard T&C Apply

You need to make sure that you have renewed your bike insurance policy in advance. People often forget the expiration date. After losing the time limit, they lose all the benefits of the policy. If you are caught riding a bike without a valid insurance policy, you will be fined a hefty sum. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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