Valuable Traits for Becoming an Effective and Inspiring Leader

The quality of its leadership frequently determines a company’s or organization’s success. While many employees respect and obey a senior leader because of their position in the company, simply holding a leadership title does not guarantee that you will lead your team effectively. The best leaders, like former DaVita’s executive CEO, Kent Thiry, strive to inspire their teams to achieve personal and professional success while also fostering a culture of motivation in the workplace. It will help if you become a practical and inspirational leader in a team or company. People follow leaders who inspire them. To be an effective leader, you must learn to be both inspiring and self-aware. The information below will highlight several valuable tips for becoming an inspiring leader.


Positive leaders such as Kent Thiry can draw followers and motivate subordinates. It can also help leaders stay calm in stressful situations. Keeping positive at all times allows a leader to conceptualize positive ideas. A positive leader is open to new ideas and seeks creative approaches to problems. To boost office morale, inspirational leaders keep a positive attitude. In a group setting, positivity can be a powerful motivator.


Transparency in leadership is the foundation of authentic relationships and effective teamwork. By being transparent, leaders encourage feedback and create a safe environment for creativity. Exemplary leaders are trusted by their team members and are more likely to get the best results. Authentic relationships and open communication also boost the bottom line. Transparency also builds trust among people; less than half of employees feel they can trust their bosses, so leaders need to be open with their team members to feel secure in their work.


Empathetic leaders can understand the needs and feelings of others. This skill allows them to build relationships and influence others. While it was once overlooked as a soft skill, many business leaders are now realizing the importance of empathy in leadership and are hiring accordingly.

Clarity Of Vision

Inspiring leadership can be facilitated by setting clear values, role models, and goals. It also involves sharing these values with team members. In this way, a leader can celebrate successes and identify areas for improvement.


One of the essential traits of an inspiring leader is inclusivity. This leadership trait helps a leader understand and appreciate team members’ unique needs and perspectives. They adjust their approach and communication style accordingly.


Leaders with high curiosity tend to think differently and approach issues with an open mind. This characteristic is highly advantageous, as it helps minimize group conflicts, enables leaders to listen to others, and encourages creative and innovative thinking. In addition, leaders with high levels of curiosity foster collaboration and impactful decision-making. Inspiring leaders are constantly learning and asking questions. Curiosity can motivate others to seek out growth opportunities.


Authentic leaders are true to their core values and avoid superficiality. These leaders aren’t willing to compromise with colleagues or do anything less than the best. As a result, they are trusted by their employees and can foster a sense of trust. They also build good teams and share their successes.

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