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Vi Prepaid recharge plan that offers 100GB high-speed data

Vi recharge plans have now been designed to cater to every customer segment. With the pandemic in full soar, people now have varying data requirements. While some are working from home, others are stuck in places where they feel unfamiliar. Now while some people need a lot of data to do their daily work, people who did not have data requirements previously might feel the need to pay online bills or order items through online shopping destinations. Let us look at some of the plans that offer more than 100 GB of high-speed data. These would be very suited to people who need to stay connected.

  • 299, Rs. 449 and Rs. 699 plans – First, we will talk about the plans that offer the highest data among all Vodafone unlimited plans. If you are working from home and require high data usage, you will need something like this. These plans have a daily data cap of 4 GB. These plans originally offered 2 GB of data per day. But now there is a double data offer that allows you to get 4GB. These three plans offer validities of 28 days, 56 days, and 84 days respectively.

Rs. 299 gets you 112 GB of data, Rs. 449 can offer you 224 GB, while Rs. 699 offers 336 GB of high-speed data. Not only these plans will offer you more than 100 GB of high-speed data, they surpass the 100 GB mark for every 28-day span. If you consume a lot of data and do not want to go for costly broadband plans, these Vi recharge plans are the best choices you have at the moment. You will get unlimited calls with these plans and 100 free SMS every day.

  • 595, Rs. 795 and Rs. 2595 – Although these Vi recharge plans do not cross the 100 GB mark every month, the total data that they offer is more than 100 GB. These plans have a daily data limit of 2 GB. The validities are 56 days, 84 days, and 365 days respectively. Thus you would get 112 GB, 168 GB, and 730 GB respectively with these plans. Unlimited calls and 100 free SMS facilities are also available. But that is not all. These plans offer ZEE5 premium access as well, You would also get a daily discount of Rs. 75 from Zomato. You can also get Rs. 125 cashback from MPL.

  • 555, Rs. 599 and Rs. 2399 – Both of the plans offer 1.5 GB of daily data cap with validities of 77 days, 84 days, and 365 days respectively. While the first plan offers 115.5 GB of data, the second one would offer 126 GB, and the third offers 542.5 GB. The plans allow you to send 100 free SMS every day and unlimited calls. MPL and Zomato benefits are also available with these plans.

  • 819 – This is another Vi recharge plan that offers a daily data cap of 2 GB with unlimited calls and 100 free SMS. Zomato and MPL benefits are also present. However, the added benefit is that the plan would offer a year of extended warranty only on Vivo smartphones.

  • 351 – This is an add-on Vi recharge pack that will get you 100 GB of data with a validity of 56 days.

These are the Vi recharge plans that offer 100 GB of high-speed data. You can airtel, jio recharge, BSNL, MTNL, and much more recharge them on the Airtel Payments Bank platform in order to get good cashback.

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