What Makes a First-Class Financial Director?

It is hard to define exactly what a financial director does, it all depends on their role in the company. There is no question that they have a wealth of experience and knowledge, but defining their position isn’t that easy to do. If you plan on working with a financial director or you’d like to appoint one to your company, look for these traits.

Presenting Information

Financial directors like Mark Lumsdon-Taylor understand the importance of data presentation. When they work with companies, they present strategies to other members of the company in a way that can be fully understood. There is no point in presenting complex data using challenging jargon that most people don’t understand. They must know how to communicate information to others who aren’t at the same skill level. Presenting complex data to other members of the organisation is a skill in itself.

Voice of Authority

A financial director will be pointing out flaws in the company or introducing strategies to make operations more efficient, so they must be confident in what they are doing. Their decisions will have a huge impact on the company and if they don’t come across as convincing, they could struggle to persuade others to follow new policies and procedures. They may also be called on to bear bad news to employees, this is when they need to be a figure of authority who presents the company in a good light.


There is no doubt that knowledge and experience make a good financial director. If they are brought into a business to make a decisive impact, they must have a well-informed perspective on customer needs and industry influences. A good financial director will be able to think long-term and introduce strategies that benefit the business.

Employee Retention & Team Building

A financial director must be capable of skilled structuring and management. Employees are a vital part of any business and good employees must be retained. If they are valuable to the team, the FD has to take steps to ensure they don’t lose anyone to the competition. Good leadership drives a company and improves performance.

This article has mentioned just some of the skills needed to succeed in this position. Financial director must keep up to date with emerging trends and evolving technology. They must have a range of skills that include exceptional leadership, motivation, and future-proofing. It is important that they continue to improve their own skills develop as financial directors.

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